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        "With You" and "Marry You Anyway" are both songs that I wrote for my wedding in May of 2020. I wrote "With You" about my relationship with my husband - we fell in love when we were 13 and got married a decade later! We are the definition of growing up and growing old together. On our wedding day, we chose “With You” as the song we danced to for our first dance. 

        "Marry You Anyway" was written under different circumstances. Unfortunately, our wedding was cancelled a few times because of COVID-19, and it was looking like we might have to reschedule our wedding entirely. After a lot of talking, letting go, and many tears, we decided that if our dream wedding couldn’t happen, we would still get married on May 29th even if we had to say our vows at the court house. Fortunately, some laws regarding the size of gatherings in Indiana were lifted in a nearby county right before May 29th, and we quickly planned what was the wedding of our dreams. We are so thankful we had the wedding that we did!

        Although these songs are a lot different from my other songs, I felt it was important to release them so that anyone who was going through a similar situation could listen and feel heard in these songs. If you or a friend have a similar story to me and my husband, feel free to message me on Instagram or Facebook I’d love to hear about your love story!

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